Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides) plants offer incredibly colorful foliage in a variety of attractive shapes and sizes. There are a large number of cultivars and these have an interesting history. Almost all gardeners in the world know the seed-propagated varieties of this plant and most garden books mention it shortly, but only a few gardeners are aware of the superb cutting varieties that exist and only one book dedicated to Coleus is ever published.

Some Garden trials in the US in the last decade revealed sun-tolerant cultivars also known as Sun-coleus. This helped Coleus to become a popular garden plant in the US in recent years. Also in Japan the plant is grown more often. Latest developments are the (re)introduction of large leaved seed coleus: the Kong series.

Hopefully this web portal will be of help to spread the renewed popularity of Coleus in the US and Japan to other parts of the world.

Very little information about Coleus cultivars is published in books and articles, but a lot of information can be found on the internet. This information is very scattered and sometimes difficult to find though.

This portal has the goal to aggregate this scattered information together, to get a clear overview of the existing cultivars and their availability and also to get some clues about the correct naming of the cultivars.

On top of the aggregrated information also some extra information is added, like experiences from gardeners.

Information from this portal is free to use for non-commercial purpose. If you want to publish content from this website for commercial use please contact the owner of this portal first.

What's New
  • Feb 28 2008

  • Read all about coleus hybridized by Bob Bors in Saskatchewan, Canada here

  • Dec 5 2006

  • A new part of coleusfinder is now open: playground.coleusfinder.org. Here you can try new exiting beta developments for coleusfinder, like finding coleus photos from www.flickr.com.

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